Saturday, September 12, 2009

Septmeber Sigma Copper Contest

So event though i did not win this months contest (bummer ;( ) I still really liked the way the look came out, w/ my Goddess hair i feel like i was ready for a greek festival lol


Base : Uppity all over lid, & inner corner

Base : UDPP Crease to brow bone

Eye Shadows All MAC

Lid: Amber Lights

Inner Corner:Goldmine
Crease & 1/4 Lower Lash Line:Copper Ring
Outer V: Bronze
Highlight: Dreammaker (Love That Look Collection)
Linner: Brown Down w/ MAC 212 brush
Flat Eye Shader Brush: SS239 , MAC 239
Fluffy Shader Brush: SS217, MAC 217, MAC 222, 224
Essence of Beauty sm pencil brush
Large Fluff Brush: MAC 227
Liner Brush; MAC 212
Bare Minerals Lip Gloss ; Tarte

Friday, September 11, 2009

Part 2 of Goddess Inspired Hair Fianl Srep

Goddess Hair Tutorial

Goddess Inspired Hair Tutorial

This is an easy yet sexy hair do .
Great for Prom, Weddings, Partys, Even Work.
Here are some pics on how it came out and then the vid on how to do it....

Heres the vid on how to do it.
Try out this hair style let me know how it comes out and what you wore it to.....
Have A Great Day!!!!

Revale Skin (My Skin Care Routine)

A lot of gurus on YT have been doing there skin care routine so i figured i would let you in on my secret. Its called Revale Skin.

Hollwoods Most Popular ORGANIC(yes everything in it is 100% all natural)Skin Care

Its been featured in top Magazines such as Elle, Allure, Instyle, Cosmo
And even seen on TV shows such as Extra, NBC, and even the Today Show!!!

Revale Skin main secret ingredient is coffee berry ....
Coffee Berry is 8-10 times more potent in antioxidant's then green tea, then pomegranate, and even vitamin C.

So think of it as, people drink coffee why?
To stay awake , to keep them going throughout the day rite!
Well that's what Revale Skin does to your skin.
It wakes it up, revitalizes your skin in the morning and keeps it throughout the day.
And at night it rejuvenates the skin while you sleep!!!!

So your thinking why choose Revale Skin What does this do for my skin?
-Neutralizes free radicals before extensive damage occurs
-Defends against further damage caused by either everyday enviornment stress(sun, wind, heat, pollution)
So in English if you already have some signs of sun damage it helps cure and reduce the signs of it. and/or it helps prevent any further sun damage from happening
-Reduces the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles
-Even SKIN TONE/PIGMENT!!!!!! (great for redness from acne,
Rosacea etc)

What you get in the whole kit
Cleanser You use in the morning and at night
Its not harsh at all (So great for sensitive skin)
Day Creme: HAS AN SPF OF 15 !!!!! goes on after you wash w/ cleanser.
Night Cream: no SPF goes on after you wash off your makeup and use the cleanser before bed.


Working last year at a high end Dermatologists office.
All of the really rich, and some famous people would come in and buy this stuff. i never thought anything of it until the place was having a sale on it and all our clients went nuts, and bought it. So i gave it a try. they gave me a sample to test out and it was just the night cream. well i used it every night until i ran out and scraped every last drop out. and fell in love.
1 year later after telling my bf mom about this product (MakeUpBoo), she surprised me and got me the whole kit.
once i moved to Cali i started to use it and in 1 month i noticed dramatic results.

My face become more clear, less pimples
It almost looks like i have a constant glow
My face feels tighter and smother
and the best part (since i suffer from constant face redness) even out skin tone.

Though its expensive its totally worth it. And just think about all the money you have previously spent on drugstore or dermatologist recommended products. Evens out

Prices vary depending on where you get it and if you buy the whole kit

Cleanser $40
Day Cream $120
Night Cream $120
If you buy the whole kit you get like $30 dollars off
I recommend just getting either the Day/Night Cream. just figure out if you want the one w/ or w/out the SPF , and get the Cleanser.
Check out there website for further info

To hear more on this product, like how it was first discovered, to how to apply it, check out my YT vid on it or click here!!!!!

Have A Wonderful Day!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My First TAG

Hey guys, so i need to really get my name out there, and really have met a lot of amazingly cool people while doing so . In that i decided to do a tag vid. Called "Whats In Your Clutch"

What is your go to must have clutch you bring w/ you to either out w/ the girls, w/ the hubby, your main clutch you love.

Also what is in that bag as well.....

I chose my Green Coach Clutch that i got from NY in the Woodberry Commons Outlets.

ChrissyKissy915 actually inspired me to get it as she got a similar one in one of her HAUL vids..

Here is the TAG

Please Vote For Cooper

Hey Everyone Please do me a huge Favor,
As you know i just got a puppy named Cooper , about 2 months ago.
Well recently i heard about this Cutest dog competion , and i just had to enter him.
He is an amazing dog who deserves the best anddeserves to win.

Plus i found out first place wins up to 1 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!

Since i found out about it 3 weeks before it started i need to catch up on the other dogs. Every week they clear the board all over again and tally up who through that previous week scored the most votes. then clear all votes and start over again each week.

We need to cathc up and you can vote evertday , but only once ... So please vote for him ill be posting the Site to this and everyday to my Twitter reminding everyone ....

Again its just one click and a vote YES ......

Thank You Jenn and Cooper


Applying Naked Cosmetics

Monday, August 24, 2009

Naked Cosmetics

Yet again its been forever AND IM TRULLY SORRY!!!!! I cant get into the whole blooger thing it takes forever for me to do it ... lol but anyway ill start from this post and now try to keep up w/ the rest everytime i do a vid.....

"Naked Cosmetics is the purest, most natural line of Cosmetics that exists! The Color Collections are 100% oxidized mica...a mineral. Contains no talc, oils, waxes or other fillers. 100% color! The colors can be used as Eye Shadow, Eyeliner, Lipstick, Blush, Bronzer, Hair highligher...and much much more."( which is where most of the products are distributed from.
What I think about them

Packedging 5/5 love the little containers they come in

Quality 3/5 A lot of fall out ....tends to be anoying at times

Quantity 4/5 Six pots in one group is awesome plus you get an aray of colors to chose

Price 3/5 Pretty pricey but if you attrend IMATS great price

(i paid buy 2 get one free @ $30.00 Each)

Over all 4/5 I would not buy if i was not a t IMATS, and dont like the fall out, but the cool things you can use it for is awesome and when they are applied correctly its beautiful

Sets i Got

Shock Effect (SE 01 -Se06)

Bright Colors Great for summer and Spring

SHOCK EFFECT Swatches....

Next Set Called IVORY

(IV 01- IV 06)

-Great highlighter for cheeks, eyelids, nose

- Can Lighten any color thats too dark or bright

- Wonderful used as a creme highlighter

The Swatch of IVORY .....

And Lastly EBONY

(EB 01- EB 06)

-Awesome Dark colors great for the upcoming Fall and Winter.....

-Pretty made into a Matte as well

And EBONY swatches ....

Naked Cosmetics are really coool to me because they can be used in differnt ways you wouldnt expect

Such as....

Eye Shadow....

-Can be made into a foil color

-Can be made into a Matte color

-Or used alone as a gliitery shadow

Lip Gloss

Just mix w/ your fav clear lip gloss.....

Eye Liner as well.......

-Blend your face cream w. a sheer color ( such as the IVORY collection) as use as a brow highlighter, or a Cheek Highlighter to get that sun kisses fresh dewy glow.....

-And yes even nail polish....

.mix w. a clear color and blend until you get desired color.....

-Def worth picking at least one up i would say the IVORY very versitle ....

Hope you enjoy until next blogg...

"Finding the cure for all makeup lovers"


Check out the FULL review on my YT Channel ....
And How To Apply them ....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

IMATS 2009

Hey Everyone so im so sorry for slacking off ever since i got this bloger, but moving accross the U.S and having a slow computer its very frustraiting, but finally im going to try to keep it up.

But if you have seen my recent tutorials on YouTube you know that i went to IMATS in CA

It was lots of fun and inspired me even more to continue my passion for makeup

I did not see any gurus except one, who i love love , itsjudytime!!!! check out my pics as well as my vid on YouTube for more info..


She was such an amazing person to meet. along w. being sweet and beautiful,
she was so easy to talk to , like i have known her for ever.
Judy also took a pic w/ me as well and here it is ...

Also while i was there i picked up a few goodies and learned about a few as well.

One thing i bought was a bunch of Make Up Brushes From

Crown Brushes.
Info Abut them ....
>Soft to the touch
>Many selections of brushes
>Many selections of hair types
>Did i meantion how inexpensive they are!!!!
The most i paid was $12 amazing

Also i found a amazing brand of makeup called NAKED COSMETICS

Ill be doing a review of them soon!!!!
Here is what i got

Check out my YouTube Tutorial on my Experience

Friday, May 29, 2009

Review On: MAX Factor 2000 Calorie Lash Plumper Mascara

Okay Ladies so I'm always swearing by my Cover Girl Lash Blast, but i have now found its match.

This brush not only adds tons of Volume but adds Length , Separates, and has a smaller wand towards the end of it(for all you people like me who have small eyes) so now you can get even closer to your corner with out hitting the eye!!!

Price: Its a little bit pricier compared to other drug store brands at $ 10.00 but compared to all the high end mascaras (MAC, Dior, Channel, Urban Decay, Too Faced) it looks like nothing.

And yet its the most amazing mascara out there by far!!!

Lets Compare......
Here is the MAX Factor Mascara

And this is with Cover Girl Mascara

Both are excellent products, but MAX Factor brings more to the table

Watch my Review On YouTube ....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hello Everyone

Well i finally did it i set up a Twitter, a Youtube, a BlogTV coming soon, and now this. im super excited to start getting myself out there , and sharing all of my knowledge w/ all of you for my passion of makeup!! so before i get to it i want everyone to know a little about me ....
first of all i am A NY girl, but upstate, but soon will be moving to the sunny San Diego CA, in less then a month. where i will be continuing my education towards makeup artistry and advertising in terms of fashion as well as club promotions.... i know busy girl rite? but i have to keep myself busy as the main reason i will be in CA is for the love of my life Josh, he is there training to become A NAVY Seal which he will kick ass at. I love him w/ all my heart not only because he is goal oreinted, smart, and not to mention incredably sexy, he supports my dreams and aspirations, and actually wants to hear when i talk to him about make up .... i mean come on lol. but enough about him. i have always been into make up my whole life, but have just recently this past 2 years started to really create my looks, start portfoils, and try my work out on other people. MAC of course was ny first choice for make up . i got a lot of inspiration by watching all the lovely women on youtube who did nothing but rave about MAC, and i saw how beautiful it was........... but while experimenting i reoilzed that there are many other brands that are just as good ... but thats for another time. well enogh about me i want to now know about you and any questions you have or request please feel free to write to me or go check out my Youtube .... i mite jusat have your answer there.... i hope you all enjoy an have a great day !!!!