Wednesday, April 21, 2010

INGLOTS Cosmetics Swatches & Review

Amazing company founded in Poland , has now come to the U.S and is only in New York City rite now :( , but they have been promoting there products at certain Make Up shows, such as seen on Pursebuzz, and LUVMakeup on YT . Rumor is they are coming to IMATS this year in LA super excited!!!!! ( w/ discounted prices)

Not only do they have amazing eye shadows they also have...
>brushes, lip gloss, lip sticks, lip liners, foundation, face powders, blushers, primers, concealers and nail polish (regular and breathable) NOTE: dont know much about this just that it suppose to be healthier, last longer, and smoother.

Back to the Freedom System.

What this is, is a discounted/ organized magnetic palette that is a way of keeping your shadows in a unique way. You select your desired colors that are displayed color corrdinated , then tell the MUA who then takes the list and makes your own custom palette.
Great for traveling/ makeup artist/ organized freek like me!!!!

The sleek design of these palettes w. its magnetic slider see through top and the magnatized e/s that hold in place (will never fall out thats how strong it is) to its own individual spot.

> You can mix and match you palettes with e/s, lip sticks, lip gloss, blushes, or concealers
> They also come in i believe 3 shapes square, round, and rectangle. ( or both)

Palettes Prices
Quad 4 $26.00
Pallet 10 $50.00

Pros on e/s
.Many colors are unique in that MAC does not have colors this beautiful, or shade
.Highly pigmented
.Super creamy
.Blend ability is amazing
.Lasting power can last for days
.A little goes a long way due to the texture
. Awesome magnetic palette that is not only cool looking but can be stacked on top of one another once your palette collection from them expands.

Cons on e/s
. Most of the colors contain shimmer so if that is not your thing you may not like this, but i love it
. Can not purchase these products online yet. only in NYC or out of U.S
. Due to being used to MAC and having to really pack color on your brush first few times of using this product you may dig into the e/s USE A LIGHT HAND !!!!!!1

Like i said most of the colors have shimmer to them but then you will find those beautiful matte colors that do not even come close to comparing to MAC.

MAC be scared .... be very scared. lol

As far as prices go here are a brief list of there other prices of some of there products i liked
Sleeks Cream (dupe for MAC creme sheen lip glosses) $10.00
Fluorescent Gloss (changes color according to your lip color/ lips stick under neath) $15.00
Sparkling Sleeks (dupe for MAC Dazzle glasses) $12.00
Lipsticks ( come in matte, sheen, creme, etc) $12.00
Breathable Nail Polish $14.00
Regular Nail Polish $10.00

Swatches Time as well as Video( more description as well as live swatches)

My Freedom Palette Selection

Colors Top L(434P, 465D.S, 360M, 366M, 461D.S)
Bottom L(348M, AMC FR 54, 464D.S, 34AS, 467D.S)

No primer, lotion anything just finger to skin swatch , now imagine how amazing they show up and stay w/ primer!!!!!