Friday, September 11, 2009

Revale Skin (My Skin Care Routine)

A lot of gurus on YT have been doing there skin care routine so i figured i would let you in on my secret. Its called Revale Skin.

Hollwoods Most Popular ORGANIC(yes everything in it is 100% all natural)Skin Care

Its been featured in top Magazines such as Elle, Allure, Instyle, Cosmo
And even seen on TV shows such as Extra, NBC, and even the Today Show!!!

Revale Skin main secret ingredient is coffee berry ....
Coffee Berry is 8-10 times more potent in antioxidant's then green tea, then pomegranate, and even vitamin C.

So think of it as, people drink coffee why?
To stay awake , to keep them going throughout the day rite!
Well that's what Revale Skin does to your skin.
It wakes it up, revitalizes your skin in the morning and keeps it throughout the day.
And at night it rejuvenates the skin while you sleep!!!!

So your thinking why choose Revale Skin What does this do for my skin?
-Neutralizes free radicals before extensive damage occurs
-Defends against further damage caused by either everyday enviornment stress(sun, wind, heat, pollution)
So in English if you already have some signs of sun damage it helps cure and reduce the signs of it. and/or it helps prevent any further sun damage from happening
-Reduces the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles
-Even SKIN TONE/PIGMENT!!!!!! (great for redness from acne,
Rosacea etc)

What you get in the whole kit
Cleanser You use in the morning and at night
Its not harsh at all (So great for sensitive skin)
Day Creme: HAS AN SPF OF 15 !!!!! goes on after you wash w/ cleanser.
Night Cream: no SPF goes on after you wash off your makeup and use the cleanser before bed.


Working last year at a high end Dermatologists office.
All of the really rich, and some famous people would come in and buy this stuff. i never thought anything of it until the place was having a sale on it and all our clients went nuts, and bought it. So i gave it a try. they gave me a sample to test out and it was just the night cream. well i used it every night until i ran out and scraped every last drop out. and fell in love.
1 year later after telling my bf mom about this product (MakeUpBoo), she surprised me and got me the whole kit.
once i moved to Cali i started to use it and in 1 month i noticed dramatic results.

My face become more clear, less pimples
It almost looks like i have a constant glow
My face feels tighter and smother
and the best part (since i suffer from constant face redness) even out skin tone.

Though its expensive its totally worth it. And just think about all the money you have previously spent on drugstore or dermatologist recommended products. Evens out

Prices vary depending on where you get it and if you buy the whole kit

Cleanser $40
Day Cream $120
Night Cream $120
If you buy the whole kit you get like $30 dollars off
I recommend just getting either the Day/Night Cream. just figure out if you want the one w/ or w/out the SPF , and get the Cleanser.
Check out there website for further info

To hear more on this product, like how it was first discovered, to how to apply it, check out my YT vid on it or click here!!!!!

Have A Wonderful Day!!!!


  1. Great video! I just started using the line and was weirded out by the thinness of the cleanser and the fact that it wasn't lathering--but my skin overall is looking really clear in just one week. I appreciate your take on it. I'll see if I can get used to the cleanser. Good review. -Emily

  2. Aside from Vitamin C, other vitamins that can help clear and smooth the skin are vitamin A, B complex, E and zinc. It will not only promote healthy skin but as well as boosting the immune system.

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    I watched your video about the Revale Skin care with CoffeeBerry, great job! Have you heard that you can also get CoffeeBerry in the ingestible form? Now you can take care of your skin from the inside as well as topically. The elastase suppressing properties of CoffeBerry are amazing! This is the future of skin care. If you want to know more about the ingestible form, please email me ( Thanks!

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  8. I do agree that most most women strive to keep their skin looking youthful.

  9. I had just recently discovered that thing you said about vitamin C being an antioxidant. My friend who was using a c-clarifying serum told me that vitamin C can even out skin tone and reduce fine lines. I thought that the vitamin was only for our insides. It's the same thing for that product you featured that has coffee berry. I never knew that coffee also has skin care properties. Good post! It's very informative.

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  11. Ever since I started using revaleskin my skin has been so much clearer

  12. The use of natural ingredients in beauty care products is becoming more popular nowadays, exemplified by the emergence of thousands of completely natural products. And because these have been tried and tested even by our ancestors, you can be sure they work quite well. It's just great to use these along with advanced technology, right?