Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Please Vote For Cooper

Hey Everyone Please do me a huge Favor,
As you know i just got a puppy named Cooper , about 2 months ago.
Well recently i heard about this Cutest dog competion , and i just had to enter him.
He is an amazing dog who deserves the best anddeserves to win.

Plus i found out first place wins up to 1 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!

Since i found out about it 3 weeks before it started i need to catch up on the other dogs. Every week they clear the board all over again and tally up who through that previous week scored the most votes. then clear all votes and start over again each week.

We need to cathc up and you can vote evertday , but only once ... So please vote for him ill be posting the Site to this and everyday to my Twitter reminding everyone ....

Again its just one click and a vote YES ......

Thank You Jenn and Cooper


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