Wednesday, July 1, 2009

IMATS 2009

Hey Everyone so im so sorry for slacking off ever since i got this bloger, but moving accross the U.S and having a slow computer its very frustraiting, but finally im going to try to keep it up.

But if you have seen my recent tutorials on YouTube you know that i went to IMATS in CA

It was lots of fun and inspired me even more to continue my passion for makeup

I did not see any gurus except one, who i love love , itsjudytime!!!! check out my pics as well as my vid on YouTube for more info..


She was such an amazing person to meet. along w. being sweet and beautiful,
she was so easy to talk to , like i have known her for ever.
Judy also took a pic w/ me as well and here it is ...

Also while i was there i picked up a few goodies and learned about a few as well.

One thing i bought was a bunch of Make Up Brushes From

Crown Brushes.
Info Abut them ....
>Soft to the touch
>Many selections of brushes
>Many selections of hair types
>Did i meantion how inexpensive they are!!!!
The most i paid was $12 amazing

Also i found a amazing brand of makeup called NAKED COSMETICS

Ill be doing a review of them soon!!!!
Here is what i got

Check out my YouTube Tutorial on my Experience

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