Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hello Everyone

Well i finally did it i set up a Twitter, a Youtube, a BlogTV coming soon, and now this. im super excited to start getting myself out there , and sharing all of my knowledge w/ all of you for my passion of makeup!! so before i get to it i want everyone to know a little about me ....
first of all i am A NY girl, but upstate, but soon will be moving to the sunny San Diego CA, in less then a month. where i will be continuing my education towards makeup artistry and advertising in terms of fashion as well as club promotions.... i know busy girl rite? but i have to keep myself busy as the main reason i will be in CA is for the love of my life Josh, he is there training to become A NAVY Seal which he will kick ass at. I love him w/ all my heart not only because he is goal oreinted, smart, and not to mention incredably sexy, he supports my dreams and aspirations, and actually wants to hear when i talk to him about make up .... i mean come on lol. but enough about him. i have always been into make up my whole life, but have just recently this past 2 years started to really create my looks, start portfoils, and try my work out on other people. MAC of course was ny first choice for make up . i got a lot of inspiration by watching all the lovely women on youtube who did nothing but rave about MAC, and i saw how beautiful it was........... but while experimenting i reoilzed that there are many other brands that are just as good ... but thats for another time. well enogh about me i want to now know about you and any questions you have or request please feel free to write to me or go check out my Youtube .... i mite jusat have your answer there.... i hope you all enjoy an have a great day !!!!


  1. Great that you are here! So do I))
    I hope you will score a success in your goal!
    You are very pretty girl)