Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My First TAG

Hey guys, so i need to really get my name out there, and really have met a lot of amazingly cool people while doing so . In that i decided to do a tag vid. Called "Whats In Your Clutch"

What is your go to must have clutch you bring w/ you to either out w/ the girls, w/ the hubby, your main clutch you love.

Also what is in that bag as well.....

I chose my Green Coach Clutch that i got from NY in the Woodberry Commons Outlets.

ChrissyKissy915 actually inspired me to get it as she got a similar one in one of her HAUL vids..

Here is the TAG

Please Vote For Cooper

Hey Everyone Please do me a huge Favor,
As you know i just got a puppy named Cooper , about 2 months ago.
Well recently i heard about this Cutest dog competion , and i just had to enter him.
He is an amazing dog who deserves the best anddeserves to win.

Plus i found out first place wins up to 1 MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!

Since i found out about it 3 weeks before it started i need to catch up on the other dogs. Every week they clear the board all over again and tally up who through that previous week scored the most votes. then clear all votes and start over again each week.

We need to cathc up and you can vote evertday , but only once ... So please vote for him ill be posting the Site to this and everyday to my Twitter reminding everyone ....

Again its just one click and a vote YES ......

Thank You Jenn and Cooper


Applying Naked Cosmetics

Monday, August 24, 2009

Naked Cosmetics

Yet again its been forever AND IM TRULLY SORRY!!!!! I cant get into the whole blooger thing it takes forever for me to do it ... lol but anyway ill start from this post and now try to keep up w/ the rest everytime i do a vid.....

"Naked Cosmetics is the purest, most natural line of Cosmetics that exists! The Color Collections are 100% oxidized mica...a mineral. Contains no talc, oils, waxes or other fillers. 100% color! The colors can be used as Eye Shadow, Eyeliner, Lipstick, Blush, Bronzer, Hair highligher...and much much more."(
http://www.milazzobeauty.com/)- which is where most of the products are distributed from.
What I think about them

Packedging 5/5 love the little containers they come in

Quality 3/5 A lot of fall out ....tends to be anoying at times

Quantity 4/5 Six pots in one group is awesome plus you get an aray of colors to chose

Price 3/5 Pretty pricey but if you attrend IMATS great price

(i paid buy 2 get one free @ $30.00 Each)

Over all 4/5 I would not buy if i was not a t IMATS, and dont like the fall out, but the cool things you can use it for is awesome and when they are applied correctly its beautiful

Sets i Got

Shock Effect (SE 01 -Se06)

Bright Colors Great for summer and Spring

SHOCK EFFECT Swatches....

Next Set Called IVORY

(IV 01- IV 06)

-Great highlighter for cheeks, eyelids, nose

- Can Lighten any color thats too dark or bright

- Wonderful used as a creme highlighter

The Swatch of IVORY .....

And Lastly EBONY

(EB 01- EB 06)

-Awesome Dark colors great for the upcoming Fall and Winter.....

-Pretty made into a Matte as well

And EBONY swatches ....

Naked Cosmetics are really coool to me because they can be used in differnt ways you wouldnt expect

Such as....

Eye Shadow....

-Can be made into a foil color

-Can be made into a Matte color

-Or used alone as a gliitery shadow

Lip Gloss

Just mix w/ your fav clear lip gloss.....

Eye Liner as well.......

-Blend your face cream w. a sheer color ( such as the IVORY collection) as use as a brow highlighter, or a Cheek Highlighter to get that sun kisses fresh dewy glow.....

-And yes even nail polish....

.mix w. a clear color and blend until you get desired color.....

-Def worth picking at least one up i would say the IVORY very versitle ....

Hope you enjoy until next blogg...

"Finding the cure for all makeup lovers"


Check out the FULL review on my YT Channel ....

And How To Apply them ....